In 1998, a group of construction professionals decided there was a better way to run a top quality construction business. We set out to create a better place to work for people seeking a career in construction and a better way to deliver high quality outcomes for customers. Thus, Artisan Mechanical was founded in 1998. In 2015, we changed our name to Sexton Industrial to more accurately define our growing product portfolio, as well as differentiate ourselves among competitors within our industry.

Built on a solid work ethic,Sexton Industrial is committed to maintaining a culture of mutual respect and support between employees, employer and customers. Our team members are full-time employees who are continually trained to ensure on-going quality and who enjoy profit-sharing incentives to encourage a sense of ownership and pride in our company.


We help control costs
Sexton Industrial helps customers control costs by streamlining the layout and planning process. Faster and more flexible design processes enable us to work more efficiently than our competitors.

We offer staff augmentation to provide additional skilled labor for maintenance, outages, shutdowns or special requirements. By providing contract staff as needed, we help many of our customer save money.

We work smarter
Forced outages can be expensive and can cause customers to miss deadlines for their clients. Sexton Industrial helps customers set up planned outages to minimize downtime and streamline costs.


Our employees are our greatest resource. Therefore, safety is mission critical - for both our employees and customers.

  • We employ a full-time Safety Director
  • We train all field employees in confined space entry, lock-out/tag-out, fall protection, Haz-Com, blood borne pathogens and personal protective equipment. Training is provided by on-staff OSHA trainers.
  • We conduct pre-employment, "for cause," and random drug testing.
  • We require that all foremen and supervisors participate in 10 and 30 hour OSHA training classes.
  • We provide CPR and First Aid training for all foremen and supervisors.