Our employees are our greatest resource.

We take safety seriously.

Sexton Industrial employs a full-time Safety Director.

All field employees are trained in confined space entry, lock-out/tag-out, fall protection, Haz-Com, blood borne pathogens, and personal protective equipment. Training is provided by on-staff OSHA trainers.

Sexton Industrial conducts pre-employment, “for-cause”, as well as random drug testing.

Sexton Industrial requires that all foremen and supervisors participate in 10 and 30 hour OSHA training classes.

Sexton Industrial provides CPR and First Aid training for all foremen and supervisors.

EMR rating .63

Insurance Coverage and Bonding:

Sexton Industrial is covered by Cincinnati Insurance Company.

$2,000,000 General Aggregate

$15,000,000 Excess Liability Umbrella

$1,000,000 Auto

$2,000,000 Pollution

$6,000,000 Bonding Capacity